Essentials 20 Computer Health Insurance

Benefits to your Business

Basic monitoring will help Identity Computing predict issues before they become a serious problem. It provides timely notification of an issue to our support staff so they can investigate and act if necessary to minimise the disruption to your business.

The purpose of our Essentials 20 plan is to empower your business to take control of your IT systems and engage our professional support when needed. You have the benefit of our strategic advice and planning skills, while being able to keep a close eye on your IT expenditure by doing as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

All of our Computer Health Insurance plans include a fully monitored Antivirus/Malware Subscription, which enables us to react quickly if your systems are infected.

Due to the efficiencies gained in being able to identify issues much quicker than an unmonitored system, we provide you with a 20% discount on our support charges.

Features of the Essentials 20

  • 20% discount on our support charges

  • no after-hours surcharge

  • remote and onsite support

  • 24/7 system monitoring

  • monitored Antivirus/Malware Subscription

  • strategic planning sessions
Essentials 20
20% Discount Off All Support Charges
No After-hours surcharge 20% Discount on our Support Charges Strategic Planning Sessions 24/7 System Monitoring Remote & Onsite Support Monitored Anti-Virus/Malware Subscription
Managed 100
100% Discount Off All Support Charges
100% Discount on our Support Charges* Top Priority 24/7 Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support Planned maintenance occurs outside your business hours Great Pricing on New IT Products 24/7 System Monitoring Real-time Server/Desktop Optimisation Advanced Performance Monitoring Windows & 3rd Party Patch Management & Updates Strategic Planning Sessions Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Monitored Anti-Virus/Malware Subsription

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