IT Solutions

Our project management expertise enables us to satisfy a range of customer requirements, whether they are small or large in scale.  We provide IT solutions & services all the way from solicitors & medical centres to the local newsagency or sole trader.

Computers are the lifeblood of any business. The failure of even one device can cause great financial hardship, not only in terms of lost employee productivity and reduced profits, but to add insult to injury, you then have to spend more money on top of the accumulated losses to pay someone to fix it.

Throughout the many years of servicing business needs in the region, we have found that, generally, IT acquisition is unstructured and is often reactive due to equipment failure. For example, when a piece of equipment fails, a direct replacement is simply “plugged in” to patch the hole and replace the functionality that was lost. This is often done as quickly as possible to reduce downtime.

This is where planning can have its greatest impact on productivity and the least impact on cost. With a well-developed Strategic IT Plan, we can already have a well-thought-out plan of equipment replacement, which will give additional benefits through increased employee output,  and which will be aligned with the business’ strategic objectives. To get that alignment, we continually ask, “Is this getting us closer to the strategic plan?”

We have a number of tools and systems that are designed to predict equipment failure, which often provides us notice of impending failure, so we can hopefully implement the replacement system before the failure occurs. The changeover work can then be performed outside of hours, reducing downtime even further.

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