Telephone systems, VOIP and IVR/Voicemail: The Future of Business Communications

Advanced telephony features are no longer limited to large enterprises and government organizations. With the advances in IP telephone technology, We can now provide such features to small and medium businesses, while often saving you money in the process. A sample of our offerings:

  • Hosted IP telephone systems: minimal onsite hardware, no extra phone line connections, all running over your existing internet connection.
  • Voicemail: Never miss a call again! Access your voicemail from multiple locations. Voicemail for individuals as well as office/ring groups. Customizable greetings.
  • Ring groups: Calls can be assigned to groups of phones, or hunt from one phone/group to another. Call routing according to your needs.
  • Number porting: Keep your existing number, choose what is sent as your primary caller ID.
  • Failover: Calls can be routed to any Australian number in the event of holidays, power failure or connectivity issues.
  • BLF (for desktop IP phones): Direct dial keys with busy light feature to show who is on a call.
  • DSS (Direct Station Selection): One, two or three extra consoles with Direct Dial/BLF keys for reception/main call distribution desk, allowing efficient call management and routing for frontline call staff.
  • Call Parking/Transfer: Move calls between phones easily and efficiently. Put calls on hold with customized messages, speak to other staff before transferring calls.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Give callers option menus to select departments, staff members, voicemail or other features. Save money and staff resources for better things, while streamlining your call routing.
  • Mobile Extensions: Send calls direct to mobile phones over 3G/4G internet, free! If you have a smart phone, you will (in most cases) be able to treat it as a regular desktop phone, with no extra call charges and access to most features listed above.
  • Plus more....

Call us today, and see just how we can save you monyl-ip-phoneey and give your business communications a whole new experience! 

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